Quick Tip #35 Do It Alone
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"Should I go up for that promotion?" "Is it time to move on and start all over?" "Do you think moving across the country is a good idea?" Sometimes when we're facing a huge, potentially life-changing decision, we have the tendency to want to check in with our people. I get it. It's totally natural to want to get some guidance from your loved ones when trying to figure out your next best steps. But sometimes, we are so quick to jump to hear what momma and 'nem think that we miss the opportunity to check within and hear our own thoughts. Before we've let the newness of the idea settle in, we've already opened ourselves to other folks' opinions, interpretations and projections. And folks mean well, but sometimes their input can be the very thing that stops us from chasing our dreams.  What if we got into the habit of spending some time alone with our own thoughts before sharing them with the world? Maybe a weekend staycation at a cute boutique hotel to clear your mind? Or a solo date to the library so you can sit down and etch everything out in your favorite journal? In today's quick tip, we're talking about the power of doing it alone and being still. Not forever and always, but right as your approaching your big fork in the road. Getting advice is cool, but sometimes the answers show up in solitude and stillness. Transcripts of this episode are available in the show notes. (Linked below) Show Notes | The Goal Getter Sessions | Instagram | Contact | Podcast Guest Submission Support the show (https://ko-fi.com/norealjewelry)
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