Into the Arctic: Pt. 1
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What was the fate of the Vikings in the Arctic? Death laid around every corner. The Vikings would be the first Europeans into the North, but they would not be the last...
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How can the world's most beloved bear be created out of the hell of war?
Published 09/06/21
After 14 years in exile, Louis Riel is once against asked to engage the Canadian machine on behalf of his people. This time, he is joined by a man forged from the land they are defending - Gabriel Dumont. Riel comes North with a new divine calling that may cost him everything.
Published 08/23/21
In 1869, Louis is faced with the task of leading his people in the face of hunger. Canadians pushing into a land they just purchased. It all comes to a head with the killing of an Orangeman.
Published 08/16/21