Minimalist Homesteading – Epi-3172
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What do I mean by minimalist homesteading?  Simply put the least amount of work for a reasonable return of investment in food and resources for your life.  Something you can do on land, small or large while working a full … Continue reading →
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Reed Richard is a father, permaculture enthusiasts, gardener/conductor, rouge thinker/philosopher, musician/dancer, bitcoin curious, novice builder/plumber/electrician, author, the list goes on… Living on a semi small island on the Salish Sea on unceded territory, Reed enjoys life with his family...
Published 11/30/22
Jonathan Kohn is a Venezuelan born Energy professional with experience in Land and BIS management for the oil and gas industry. Prior to founding BitPetro, Jonathan served as VP for Balanced Energy LLC, where he was responsible for the development … Continue reading →
Published 11/29/22
Published 11/29/22