#8 - We Gonna Party Like It's...
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St Louis Blues win the cup! The boys hit us with crazy Championship celebrations, Jimmy posing for all to see in his 'birthday suit ', Brett Hull's victory speech (burp!), a punch up with our brothers, and a tender moment from the newly crowned US Open Golf Champion.
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Russ tunes up Jim on his sports takes .. again ! What's with multiple captains on a team ?? Should a player be allowed to play with charges pending and Russ's take on hitting in hockey with lethal shoulder/elbow pads .. Russ talks about his defining moment as pro hockey player and sage advice for...
Published 09/18/19
Russ without hesitation tells us his #1 Canadian sports story...rookie's have to buy dinner but that much ?? Yikes! ...a great moment where Gordie Howe helped a new guy, and whether you should call out players on your own team? Russ did it and he's been called out ... guys breaking team curfew...
Published 09/10/19
Russ doesn't hold back with his opinion on owners , guaranteed contracts and why players should make the rules. They chat about some hilarious chirps heard on the ice and share an absolutely amazing story of 3 players coming to the rescue of 2 women in trouble outside of a bar
Published 09/04/19