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One of the best stories on our show so far... Russ gets in a fight with his coach Pat Burns... Award-winning ..He was involved in one of the most lopsided trades in hockey .... the demise of the leafs... And some final thoughts on the Don Cherry firing.. plus tons more !
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How did Russ become so successful as a business man ? Why Cam Neely is the best manager in hockey - maybe in all sports !! We've both had experiences with actor Tom Arnold - not good experiences but totally hilarious ones! Why was Russ more well known than his brother...
Published 01/22/20
Rusty picks his toughest guys but they're also the softest...what??...you'll be surprised. Great strategy on how to avoid fighting the killer goon when you're supposed to take him on. Jimmy thinks he has his best take...Russ says it's his worst. You wanna run a guy ? Fine, but you better be...
Published 01/14/20
What it's like in Russ' house, watching an NFL game his daughter's boyfriend is playing in? No fun! The Canadian kids bring home gold...and Russ and Jim both missed it! Should NHL players be in the Olympics? A kid's father forgets to bring him to practice and the coach benches the kid! ...
Published 01/07/20