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One of the best stories on our show so far... Russ gets in a fight with his coach Pat Burns... Award-winning ..He was involved in one of the most lopsided trades in hockey .... the demise of the leafs... And some final thoughts on the Don Cherry firing.. plus tons more !
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What's with all the coaches behind the bench? Russ isn't sure what they do. What happens inside the room when a player is off his game. Slow down rookie or it'll cost you! Playoffs aren't quite up to speed yet with enough grit. Russ talks about growing up without a father. Jimmy and Russ both...
Published 08/05/20
Former Leaf Eddie Shack passes away. Russ tell some stories about him. Russ talks about his first NHL fight and it was against a superstar What will the level of play be like in the Stanley Cup Playoffs? Why goalies are all different but some are a little "out there". NHL players tend to...
Published 07/29/20
Russ shows up with a surprise guest. Former MLB star and 2 time World Series Champion Pat Burrell. Burrell tells us stuff he's never told anyone before. The boys tackle many questions from listeners. Which ump/ref did you hate? The fights they had. Trouble they got in breaking curfew. Why did...
Published 07/22/20