Space Stations & Future of India's Human Spaceflight
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In this episode, Pranav Satyanath talks to Aditya Ramanathan about his new discussion document, which questions the possibility of a Quad space station.
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This episode of All Things Policy features IIC fellows (University of Chicago Trust), Ritul Gaur and Arjun Gargeyas, who are joined by Liv Nordhaug (Co-Lead at Digital Public Goods Alliance) to discuss the concept of digital public goods, the challenges and opportunities they present, and how...
Published 02/01/23
In the thousandth episode, Nitin Pai and Pranay Kotasthane discuss the macro-changes in the world order over the last three years. They also discuss the frames of references useful to analyse the current world disorder. In the second half, they respond to listener questions.
Published 01/31/23
Published 01/31/23