Why Should We Protect & Promote Our Languages?
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A loss of language is accompanied by a loss of history, heritage, cultural expression and identity. Nearly half of the world’s languages are endangered today and Indian languages form the largest group among the endangered languages.  In the words of our guest, “Losing a link with one’s own language is like losing a slice of culture every day. Slowly. It is like the peanut butter you started slathering on the kids’ bread, instead of the sugar inside the hot ghee-filled chapati amma made.” In this episode, Sowmya Nandan and Shrikrishna Upadhyaya host Vasanthi Hariprakash, journalist, radio personality, media entrepreneur and founder of Pickle Jar to discuss the vulnerability of Indian languages and their many dialects, homogenisation of languages, and politics surrounding languages. Vasanthi enlists various initiatives for conserving and growing languages arising out of the society and the markets today. Further Reading: English is a phunny language, but it is having the last laugh | Deccan Herald You can follow Sowmya Nandan on twitter: https://twitter.com/sowmyanandan You can follow Shrikrishna Upadhyaya on twitter: https://twitter.com/shrikrishna5 You can follow Vasanthi Hariprakash on twitter: https://twitter.com/vasanthihari  Check out Takshashila’s courses: https://school.takshashila.org.in/ You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android: https://ivm.today/android or iOS: https://ivm.today/ios, or any other podcast app. You can check out our website at https://shows.ivmpodcasts.com/featured Do follow IVM Podcasts on social media. We are @IVMPodcasts on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. https://twitter.com/IVMPodcasts https://www.instagram.com/ivmpodcasts/?hl=en https://www.facebook.com/ivmpodcasts/ Follow the show across platforms: Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, JioSaavn, Gaana, Amazon Music Do share the word with your folks! See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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