Caste Networks and the Indian Economy
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How do caste networks affect India's rural and urban economies? How do these networks impact economic mobility? Suman Joshi and Sarthak Pradhan discuss in this episode of All Things Policy.
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The extent of female property ownership impacts women and their families, society, and the economy. Governments provide gender-based tax incentives to increase female property ownership. Suman Joshi and Sarthak Pradhan discuss the effectiveness of these measures as outlined in a recent World Bank...
Published 03/30/23
Published 03/29/23
Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden have recently signed the first Nordic Air Commanders' Intent to create a unified Nordic air defence alliance, pooling the resources of their air forces. In this episode, Saurabh Todi and Pranav Satyanath unpack this development and analyse its implications.
Published 03/29/23