Reviewing Inbound Cloud Services Agreements - The Key Ancillary Documents
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In this episode of The Technology Law Podcast, we’ll cover the key documents that attorneys should review in connection with inbound cloud services agreement (i.e., your client is buying cloud services).  We’ll cover: Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) Data Processing Addendum (DPA's) Privacy Policy SOC-2 Certificate Of Insurance MSA (Master Services Agreements)/Terms of Service Order Form Business Continuity Plans for critical vendors
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Hello and welcome to The Technology Law Podcast, I’m your host, Jay Ward. This podcast is dedicated to the practice of drafting and negotiating technology transactions: cloud services deals, software development and licensing agreements, hardware transactions. I’m a technology lawyer with my...
Published 02/19/20
Published 02/19/20
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Published 02/17/20