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Episode 1817 - Wow what a show! This is a must listen intense green show! Why did over 100,000 people in the USA die from opiate overdose in 2021? Ted rips the bandaid off this topic in a epic 20 minute rant! Pharmakia is exposed! Ann Heche death has several questions. Does Americas prescription opioid industry operate like a drug carte? Are we seeing the end of gas cars? Plus much much more! Todays show is an info expose!
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Episode 1847 - This is a High energy must listen show! One of the best shows of the year. This is the show where I tie together Genesis chapter six with the ancient satanic religions of the Canaanites. I also discuss ancient Israel and their worship of the Canaanite demons... Then I explain the...
Published 09/29/22
Episode 1846 - Is Breast milk toxic after shot? Who blew up the pipeline? Will Germany freeze this winter? Stone says his latest video is deep fake! Be careful who watches your children! Will there be thermonuclear war? Why were there so many pyramids on the planet? Why are major currencies at...
Published 09/28/22