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Episode 1818 - Why is no one talking about the internal Pfizer documents showing 44% of the pregnant vaccine trial participants suffered miscarriages? At the same time we are having more revelations about the dangers of this shot during the trials, we now have currently 829 NEW VAERS cases children 6 months to 4 years with severs adverse events from the shot just in the last 6 weeks since it got approval by the FDA for infants. Why are pediatricians and parents allowing this shot to be injected into their children when the CDC just came out and said there is no difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated? The Clown show Biden signs into Law the "Inflation Reduction act" which does nothing more then increase taxes and militarizes the IRS. What will be the outcome from this extremely unconstitutional legislation? Why are quality vitamins so important, and Why is it more important now then ever, to watch what you and your family eats on a regular basis?
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Episode 1849 - Ted and Austin live today with hurricane update. Putin heats up the Rhetoric against the and the Globalists. Who really runs The FDA? More food ranking nonsense! California is now a transgender sanctuary state? Be careful of flood damaged used cars. Fentanyl is a killer. You will...
Published 09/30/22
Episode 1848 - Today is an intense in depth teaching on the Blood of Jesus. It is a must listen green show. What does the Bible say about the Blood covenant we have through Christ? Was Jesus in the exact image of God The Father? Does Jesus blood cry out through all time Space forever? Ted also...
Published 09/30/22