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Episode 1848 - Today is an intense in depth teaching on the Blood of Jesus. It is a must listen green show. What does the Bible say about the Blood covenant we have through Christ? Was Jesus in the exact image of God The Father? Does Jesus blood cry out through all time Space forever? Ted also covers the dos and donts of maintaining your health. Yes this is that show. A message of hope for everyone!
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Episode 1897 - Has the Constitution already been terminated? Study shows Processed food leads to cognitive decline. Tips on staying lean and healthy. The laptop coverup explained. Mainstream Ukrainian lies updated. What is an infodemic? Kirk Cameron denied Library access with faith based book....
Published 12/07/22
Episode 1896 - Wow what a show today. Heavy scriptures. Ted does an anointed first segment on obeying God! DeSantis says he will hold vaccine makers accountable? Why are the communists coming against defensive fire power of the USA citizens? Is The death of Western Civilization upon us? Was the...
Published 12/06/22