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Episode 1850 - Florida is not Chicago it is a Second Amendment state! In Vermont some girls can’t use their own locker room find out why! Gender dysphoria discussed. Ted does a must listen segment on the psychological experiments done and designed to inslave humans. Plus He discusses the hearts electromagnetic field and it’s coherence to the brain. Why is it so important to avoid negative people. San Francisco elementary schools are fully indoctrinated. EV cars are a disaster. This is one intense must listen politically incorrect show! Contact Ted via. mailto:[email protected]
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Episode 1894 - Pentagon claims to have lost trillions again? Where does all the money go? What are black operations? Who really controls Switzerland? Who was Sabbatai Zevi? Kanye epic rant yesterday makes drudge. Who owns Fox and Disney? Plus much much more! Highly controversial show today.
Published 12/02/22
Episode 1893 - Wow great green show today! Ted does 15 minute rant on the responsibility of Christians. Dos and donts of HRT. More money for Ukraine? Rand Paul stands against forced Covid shots for military. Cultural Marxism being taught in colleges. Avoid student debt. Firearm safety training in...
Published 12/01/22