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Episode 1898 - Celine diagnosed with a neurological disorder? Ted discusses The Book of Eli. Insane merchant of death prisoner exchange with Russia. Jordan Peterson really messed up in an interview. IRS to tax eBay sales. Musk takes aim at Wikipedia. Nigeria restricts withdrawals to 45 a day to implement digital currency. What is Prion disease? High energy must listen show!
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Episode 1934 - Operation paperclip discussed. German WW2 technology exposed. Does the Clot shot cause rapid aging? Did America fake certain Nazi scientists death? Why are there so many UFO sightings? Make your own decisions on any shots you take, but do the research first! Do Turmeric and...
Published 01/27/23
Episode 1933 - Is speculation correct about Hamlin being alive or dead? Cortisol will massively speed up the aging process. Be careful with your goals. Ted does a 20 minute must hear segment on living a fulfilled life. Is gain of function research being done again to sell more vaccines? Plus much...
Published 01/26/23