One Thing with Rachaele Hambleton on dealing with challenging times
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On this episode of The Therapy Edit Anna chats to Rachaele Hambleton, otherwise known as Part Time Working Mummy. Rachaele's one thing is that everything is temporary and this episode she tells Anna about how here life experience has led her to that conclusion and how she uses it to help soothe the bad days and bad times that she or her family, friends or the victims of domestic abuse that she supports, might be experiencing. Rachaele is a blogger, influencer, parent, and campaigner for victims of domestic abuse and bullying. She is an ambassador for Kidscape Charity and is a patron for Trevi Charity Rachaele is a double Sunday times best selling author, in both fiction and non-fiction categories and has just secured her third non-fiction book deal which is due for release in Spring 2023. Part-Time Working Mummy: A Patchwork Life [By Rachaele Hambleton] - [Paperback] -Best sold book in-Psychology A Different Kind of Happy: The Sunday Times bestseller and powerful fiction debut Locally in her area Rachaele has set up two women’s centres to help vulnerable families where they deliver trauma workshops and domestic abuse programmes to women. She also owns a shop @patchworkthestore – all profits from this support the running of the women’s centres. You can follow Rachaele at @parttimeworkingmummy
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