Published 07/15/22
When a classic 80's album that's sold 30+ MILLION copies turns 35 AND wins a Patreon Poll, it's time for Dan and Bob to cover it. The boys return to the garage to crank up the EPIC masterpiece by a group of Sunset Strip lunatics. It's Appetite For Destruction time on the Throwback Pod.
Published 07/15/22
Fire up the grill and break out the slip & slide - it's summertime! To soundtrack your summer fun, Dan and Bob compiled a playlist of the ultimate summer songs* [*for people born in exactly 1980]. So crack open a piña colada flavored Bartles & James wine cooler and enjoy!
Published 07/01/22
Five years into this ungodly podcast experiment known as The Throwback Pod, Bob and Dan are finally ready to swim out past the breakers and watch the world die. Before they go, they're going to revisit one of Bob's absolute favorite albums of the 1990's, Everclear's major label debut Sparkle & Fade. Sounds like heaven to me.
Published 06/16/22
Papa Roach. Eminem. A Perfect Circle. STP... it can ONLY be The Year 2000. The Bosom Buddies have reunited in the nü garage just so they can travel back in time twenty-two years to see what all the cool kids were listening to during modern rock's dark ages. This is our last resort.
Published 06/02/22
They may not be in the garage and they're certainly not on TikTok, but Dan and Bob ARE BACK with an all new episode. This week, our suburban-raised heroes are rockin' The Suburbs, Arcade Fire's Grammy Award Winning masterpiece. If you have any issues with that, please address them to The Throwback Podcast's Office of Corrections / Department Of Go F**k Yourself.
Published 04/21/22
On March 25, 2022 the world was shocked to learn Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins had passed away at the age of 50. For over 20 years he was Dave Grohl's right hand man, playing drums for alt-rock's most famous drummer, and amassing millions of fans around the world. Looking back at the Foo's past two decades of mega hits and successes, Bob and Dan share their favorite songs from The Taylor Era, dig into the band that was selling out arenas and winning Grammys while they were still looking...
Published 04/07/22
In 2006 the Arctic Monkeys burst onto the scene with a debut album that got the world talking. EVERYONE was ready to hand Alex Turner & Co. the keys to the kingdom... everyone except Bob and Dan. Were the lads from Sheffield worthy of the hype? Did they have what it takes? And was it even OKAY that they were shattering Oasis' records? In this long-anticipated episode, the boys unpack their feelings about the Monkeys... in their trademark "we weren't prepared for this at all" way.
Published 03/10/22
If you've ever sought out a podcast that talks about Shanice, Nirvana, Mr. Big, MJ, and Tevin Campbell... well, #1, you're a weirdo, and #2, today's your lucky day. Let's go back 30 years to February 1992, a much simpler, happier time with fewer concrete partitions. You'll get it.
Published 02/24/22
The garage: open. The Tito's: flowing. The speakers: blasting 1999's TDL by the Counting Crows. Yeah... the Throwback Podcast is back! Join us in the nü garage as Bob and Dan dig into the 3rd LP by Adam Durtiz's band of merry(?) men and ask the big questions. Like, how does it hold up? Is "Hangin' Around" good? Does Dan secretly hate the piano? And did the Crows invent Dad Rock for Guys Who Aren't Dads Yet? The Bosom Buddies also pay their respects to the dearly departed Meatloaf.
Published 02/10/22
You didn't think we'd let 2021 end without our annual Throwback To The Future recap episode, did you? Let's shake the dust off this thing and see what happens.
Published 12/30/21
Hey, don't write yourself off yet- the Throwback Podcast is back with Jimmy Eat World's platinum 2001 LP, Bleed American. Come for the Celebration Of Life playlist, stay for the 9/11 stories, and stick around for a pretty big announcement. But don't worry, everything, everything will be all right, all right.
Published 09/16/21
Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today to get through this thing called life. With 25 million copies sold, Purple Rain is one of the best selling albums EVER. So naturally, the boys in the garage needed backup for this very special episode. Enter: Jason Zumwalt. Let's go crazy and see -- once and for all -- if Bob and Dan have it in them to transform into Prince fans.
Published 09/02/21
We're off to Never Neverland! Grab a bottle of Jaeger, throw on your nicest (nicest?) Metallica tee, and get ready to rock out to their 30x platinum selling album, Metallica. Chud Nation, this one's for you!
Published 08/19/21
Dan loves Travis. Bob loves Travis. Dan and Bob both love The Invisible Band. So it was only a matter of time before they cuddled up in the NU Garage and traveled back in time to 2001 to revisit the the third studio album by Fran Healy and friends, wasn't it? Put it on the board.
Published 08/05/21
People love the countdown episodes! Sure, July 1997 was only like, what, eight years ago, so it barely qualifies as a throwback, but that's not gonna stop Dan and Bob from revisiting a loaded alternative rock countdown. Tonic, Live, Sugar Ray, and more -- it's '97 baby!
Published 07/22/21
Imagine a world where there's a podcast about Better Than Ezra and the hosts don't try to be funny by asking "who is Ezra anyway????" It seemed impossible... until now. The guys are back in the nü garage and ready to listen to the Patreon-poll winning Friction COMMA Baby by Louisiana's Tawl Curly & Company. Enjoy COMMA the show.
Published 07/12/21
Today is the greatest day I've ever known … because Dave Dameshek is making his Throwback Podcast debut to talk about one of the favorite bands of his Chicago twentysomething years. Smashing Pumpkins week!
Published 06/24/21
Roll the windows down, crank the stereo up, bust open a brewski, drop out of high school, punch your mom in the face- it's time to RAWK! Hundreds and hundreds of straight-up RAWK tracks have been released over the past 21 years, so naturally it's time for a couple of old white guys in a garage to countdown a few of their faves. From the The Hives to The Hold Steady, from Audioslave to Against Me, we've got it all. Well... not quite. But a few great ones, at least.
Published 06/10/21
If you stepped inside The Darkroom on Ludlow in 2005 there was a 97% chance you'd hear a song off Antics. And a a 98% chance you'd bump into Carlos D. For that reason, the time has finally come for Bob and Dan to Take You on a Cruise with Interpol. Over a year ago New York's drabbest boys in black won a Patreon poll, but it's taken until now for the guys in the garage to push PLAY. Let's do it.  
Published 05/27/21
Well... you can only reside in the Nü Garage for so long before you cover some nü metal, right? Limp Bizkit's Significant Other sold 16 MILLION copies to 16 MILLION people with questionable taste, and now it's time for Dan and Bob to honor their Patreonies' wishes and cover the über successful album. Maybe it won't be as bad they suspect... right? Maybe? Let's see.
Published 05/13/21
Thirty-four-freaking-years ago the Billboard Top 100 was littered with unbelievable songs that defined the 80's. From U2 to Prince, from Crowded House to Starship, from Kool to His Gang, let's jump into the wayback machine and countdown the Top 10 hits of the first week of May, 1987. It's what we do best.
Published 04/29/21
The boys are back in the Nü Garage for an all nü episode of the Throwback Pod! And what better way to celebrate their return from a long, unplanned hiatus than with one of the BEST ALBUMS EVER TACKLED ON THE POD! It's time to dig into 1995's The Bends, a great album and an even better soundtrack to Bob's legendary Kelsey Grammer story.
Published 04/15/21
Bob and Dan travel back to 1994 to listen to one of the biggest albums of the year, Throwing Copper. Between sharing "where were you when Kurt Cobain killed himself?" stories and diving into an X-Rated "Friends" discussion, you won't find a more 1994 podcast than this.
Published 04/01/21
What if Dan Hanzus produced Oasis' third album? What if he was able to convince Liam & Noel to include their best unreleased tracks & b-sides that were unbelievably strewn aside in the 90's? What would Be Here Now look like and sound like with a completely re-imagined tracklist? Would Dan have been able to save Oasis from Oasis? Let's find out. 
Published 03/04/21