SONGS OF SUMMER: The Ultimate Mixtape
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Fire up the grill and break out the slip & slide - it's summertime! To soundtrack your summer fun, Dan and Bob compiled a playlist of the ultimate summer songs* [*for people born in exactly 1980]. So crack open a piña colada flavored Bartles & James wine cooler and enjoy!
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Published 07/15/22
When a classic 80's album that's sold 30+ MILLION copies turns 35 AND wins a Patreon Poll, it's time for Dan and Bob to cover it. The boys return to the garage to crank up the EPIC masterpiece by a group of Sunset Strip lunatics. It's Appetite For Destruction time on the Throwback Pod.
Published 07/15/22
Five years into this ungodly podcast experiment known as The Throwback Pod, Bob and Dan are finally ready to swim out past the breakers and watch the world die. Before they go, they're going to revisit one of Bob's absolute favorite albums of the 1990's, Everclear's major label debut Sparkle...
Published 06/16/22