Lauren Biddulph, The Salt Sisterhood
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Does a week of wild swimming and yoga in Cornwall sound like bliss to you? Well, that’s what Lauren Biddulph thought when she founded The Salt Sisterhood, a women’s wild swimming retreat based in Cornwall.  Lauren has a moving story to tell about the power of swimming and its ability to bring people together and forge female friendships. In this episode, we spoke about banishing negative self talk, how we can not just accept that there’s light and dark in life, but also lean into it. And how yoga and swimming can help with that.  Follow: @freybromley #TheTidalYear @thesaltsisterhood Explore upcoming wild swimming retreats: Thanks to this episode’s sponsor TRIHARD. Say goodbye to chlorine and shop their skin and hair products at 15% off with the code Tidal at See for privacy and opt-out information.
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