#20: Time 4A Pint News - August 2017
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Welcome to Episode 20 of the Time 4A Pint podcast - it's the week of the August 2017 Time 4A Pint get together, and time for our monthly news catchup. We'll be talking about some exciting upcoming episodes, highlights from this months Time 4A Pint get together, the new Seiko store in London, some watches from the Oris event at Watches of Switzerland, and two new watches we've been and bought with our own money - the Seiko SRP773 and the Nomos Club 38 Campus Nacht! You can read James Dowling's article about the Louis Vuitton Tambour Twin Chrono Match Racing, that he brought along to Time 4A Pint August here: http://www.timezone.com/2014/10/15/louis-vuitton-tambour-twin-chronograph-match-racing-james-dowling/ EDITORIAL NOTE: I mention in this weeks show, the pricing on the Seiko SBDX003, some helpful folks have pointed out that the reference I saw was the SBDX017 (SBDX003 is a limited edition) Visit www.time4apint.com/podcasts and scroll down to episode 20 to see pictures of all the watches we talked about in this episode. Credit to https://soundcloud.com/cityfires for the use of https://soundcloud.com/cityfires/map-of-time-creative-commons
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