#18: From Hungary with Watches! Staring Balázs from Fratello
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Welcome to Episode 18 of the Time 4A Pint podcast - for this weeks show, we grabbed an hour with Balázs from Fratello Watches, before the July Time 4A Pint GTG, to talk about the world of watch journalism, working in the watch industry, and the contents of his travel roll, including some Hungarian Airforce issued goodies On the show today: a 1940's Hungarian Airforce issued Grana Chronograph (with a Venus 175 inside), a trilogy of Angelus 37mm's (the time only 216, the Hungarian Airforce issued 215 Chronograph, and the Triple Date Chronograph/Chronodato 217), a Rolex GMT Master 1675, a DOXA Sub 300T Sharkhunter, and an Omega Speedmaster MKII Racing. Visit www.time4apint.com/podcasts and scroll down to episode 18 to see pictures of all the watches we talked about in this episode. Credit to https://soundcloud.com/cityfires for the use of https://soundcloud.com/cityfires/map-of-time-creative-commons
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