#17: The Eccentricities of Watch Collecting, from Presley to Apollo, with Patrick.
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Welcome to Episode 17 of the Time 4A Pint podcast - this week we grabbed the opportunity to spend a morning with Patrick, who was visiting London from Luxembourg, and talked through some of the interesting pieces from his eccentrically, eclectic collection of horological goodies. On the show today: a Hamilton Ventura XXL(in homage to Elvis Presley), a 1989 Rolex Datejust Two Tone, a Schroeder Skeleton Watch, an Eone Bradley, a Tudor Black Bay Bronze 43, and an Omega Speedmaster Apollo 15 40th Anniversary Limited Edition. Visit www.time4apint.com/podcasts and scroll down to episode 17 to see pictures of all the watches we talked about in this episode. Credit to https://soundcloud.com/cityfires for the use of https://soundcloud.com/cityfires/map-of-time-creative-commons
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