Movember 2020 - Meet the Ambassadors, Win my Oris!
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For this very special edition of the Time 4A Pint podcast, we’re going to be talking all about Movember. We’re going to be meeting my contact over at Movember UK Stef, and hearing direct from three Movember ambassadors Bobby Bansal, Elvin Box, and James Mace about their experiences with testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and mental health. And then you’re going to have a chance to win my 2019 Oris Chronoris Movember Edition, and a copy of Flores Delores and the Oris Chronoris signed by Barbara Palumbo. Head to for pictures and show notes. Head to to buy your Time 4A Pint Movember 2020 raffle ticket(s). Credit to for the use of
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The Time 4A Pint Movember Raffle is back! And this time, thanks to my really lovely freinds, there are more than £6,000 or prizes up for grabs. No. Really! Check them out: The Antiquarian Horological Society - 1 Years Membership - worth up to £70 Baruch “Budge” Coutts - 1 x Limited...
Published 11/16/21
For episode 63 of the Time 4A Pint Podcast, I got together with Toronto based Justin Mastine-Frost. Outgoing editor in chief of and, and brand new Director of Digital Content for Sharp Magazine, Canada’s foremost luxury publication. Justin and I first got to hang out...
Published 10/08/21
Published 10/08/21