Suguru “Sug” Nishioka
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For Episode 55 of the Time 4A Pint Podcast, I jumped on a long distance line with Suguru “Sug” Nishioka, to talk about family, diving, the 90s, and how important it is to find a watch that’s the right size for you. Watches featured in this episode: 2020 HODINKEE x Casio “6900 by John Mayer” LE Casio G-Shock DW6900JM20-8CR 1995 Seiko SUS Chronograph 7T27-7A40 2021 Synchron Military Black PVD coated diver 1995 Sinn 244 Ti 1967 Rolex 1016 Explorer 2020 Rolex 114200 Oyster Perpetual 34 2019 IWC Pilot 36 IW324010 2011 Grand Seiko SBGW033 2021 Chrono Tokyo “Chronograph 1” Click for photos of all today's watches. Like what you hear? Buy me a virtual pint! Thanks to Cityfires for the use of the Map of Time theme music. 
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Published 10/08/21