S2: E37 | Founders' Day Address
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We come back from the break with a little tribute to Founders' Day 2022: "As they sat at 504 East Locust Street on a cold Tuesday night, Settles, Truitt, McNutt, Atkinson and Mayer set out to create a fraternity that was different than others in their time... Today, on our 123rd Founders’ Day and throughout 2022, I encourage you to engage with TKE’s 1-2-3 - Connect, Celebrate and Contribute. Connect today with the Fraternity on MyTKE.org. Celebrate with your fellow Fraters by sharing on social media the memories of your fraternal experience using #IAMTKE. And contribute to Life Loyal Teke to help impact the future of Tau Kappa Epsilon at TKE.org/LLT. Your engagement in Tau Kappa Epsilon will help to define our future. For us to achieve what our Founders set out to accomplish, the Fraternity For Life needs you. Will you answer the call?"
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