Arresting Trump would be a terrible look for America... and Letitia James is focusing on all the wrong things
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Retired NYPD inspector Paul Mauro joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to give his assessment on whether Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has a solid enough legal case to indict former President Trump for alleged hush money payments made to Stormy Daniels. Jimmy explains how this latest attempt to take down the 45th president is part of the Left’s plan to make the process the punishment for him. PLUS, co-hosts of “The Bottom Line” on Fox Business Dagen McDowell and Sean Duffy stop by to discuss the current state of the U.S. banking system, and compete for Jimmy’s affection.      [00:00:00] Trump predicts he will be indicted this week [00:37:35] CNN admits Hunter Biden’s connection to China doesn’t look good [00:51:18] Paul Mauro [00:55:58] The real purpose of Alvin Bragg’s investigation [01:14:22] New York AG Letitia James hosts Drag Story Hour [01:32:52] Sean Duffy & Dagen McDowell Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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This week's Game Ball goes to Tudor Dixon. The former Michigan GOP candidate for governor stopped by the studio to talk Target tuck and the war on hot chicks Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Published 05/27/23
Jimmy Failla is off enjoying his Memorial Day weekend, so we called up KTBB’s Paul Gleiser to guest host Fox Across America. Paul shares his thoughts on the intensifying rivalry between former President Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and then turns to our loyal listeners to get their...
Published 05/26/23