January 20th, 2023
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Fierce’s JPM Week event was packed full of informative panels, executive interviews and fireside chats. So for today’s episode, we’ve pulled out a couple of snippets to take you inside the gathering. First up, listen in on Fraiser Kansteiner’s lively panel discussion on how companies will keep their bottom lines strong while navigating the drug pricing policies that the Biden administration rolled out just last year. You will also hear from Zoey Becker’s interview with Bayer’s Christine Roth. As head of the oncology strategic business unit, Roth talks about the plans to establish Bayer as a strong competitor in the cancer space. To learn more about topics in this episode: 2023 forecast: Despite Biden's drug pricing win, the biopharma industry is not 'anywhere near done with this conversation' To bolster IRA, lawmaker calls for new action to scrutinize cancer drug launch prices Pfizer, GSK, AbbVie and many more celebrate New Year with price hikes: report JPM23: Bayer hikes sales targets for Kerendia, Nubeqa to $3B each Look out, Pfizer. With new approval, Bayer's Nubeqa is set to challenge Xtandi's prostate cancer crown Bayer's blockbuster hopeful Nubeqa debuts in later-stage prostate cancer in UK under early access program Bayer poaches GlaxoSmithKline exec to lead expanding oncology business—including a blockbuster hopeful Fierce JPM Week The Top Line is produced by senior multimedia producer Teresa Carey and managing editor Querida Anderson with editor-in-chief Ayla Ellison and senior editors Annalee Armstrong, Ben Adams, Conor Hale and Eric Sagonowsky. The sound engineer is Caleb Hodgson. The stories are by all our “Fierce” journalists. Like and subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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