January 27th, 2023
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Just last year, congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act. The law contains several drug pricing measures hated by the pharmaceutical industry, including restrictions to price increases and Medicare negotiations. Eric Sagnowsky talked with Stacie Dusetzina, a professor at Vanderbilt University's Department of Health Policy, about what we can expect.  Also on the show, Fierce's Analee Armstrong and Gabrielle Mason reflect on the biotech industry last year and our expectation for 2023—plus, this week's headlines.  To learn more about topics in this episode: 2023 forecast: Despite Biden's drug pricing win, the biopharma industry is not 'anywhere near done with this conversation' 2023 forecast: Biotech plummeted from 'the highest of highs' in 2022. Will the sun shine again next year? Fierce Biotech Fundraising Tracker: Enlaza launches with $61M; Enveda brings in $68M Fierce Biotech Layoff Tracker: Layoffs strike 119 companies in 2022 Theranos' Elizabeth Holmes labeled a 'flight risk' as she asks to delay prison sentence during appeal Eli Lilly shut out of Alzheimer's fast lane with FDA rejection for donanemab Health group lambasts CBS ‘60 Minutes’ segment for overt promotion of Novo Nordisk’s obesity med Wegovy Eli Lilly to pour $450M more into diabetes drug plant in North Carolina, add 100 jobs Frosty funding forecast forces Finch to stop phase 3 trial, lay off 95% of staff and seek buyers for assets The Top Line is produced by senior multimedia producer Teresa Carey and managing editor Querida Anderson with editor-in-chief Ayla Ellison and senior editors Annalee Armstrong, Ben Adams, Conor Hale and Eric Sagonowsky. The sound engineer is Caleb Hodgson. The stories are by all our “Fierce” journalists. Like and subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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