Chapter 45.5: Will & Intent
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Young Albit sits, and reluctantly listens to very important lessons taught to him by Mother Cyprian. Will he understand? Can he comprehend? Why, how, and what? All these are known to Mother Cyprian, but has she successfully passed on the knowledge to the next generation? Written and Narrated By: Cole Weavers Sound Production and Editing By: Matt Black Theme Song By: Charlie PS Cover Art By: Vincent Wah Want to Explore More of The Fort Visit our Patreon! Looking for The Town Whispers Merch? Want to join in the discussion? You can join us on our discord at: Text Us @ +1(604)227-1738 to receive news, and special offers related to The Town Whispers, and all it has to offer. Marketed and Distributed By Callum Dougherty at Rusty Quill Network See for privacy and opt-out information.
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Adam is looking to put himself back together. To do so he must find the missing pieces, but what is more interesting is where those pieces are hidden. Edward seeks to secure his dominance, and Adam is a threat to his all-seeing throne. Written and Narrated By: Cole Weavers Sound Production and...
Published 11/23/21
Published 11/23/21
The clock hands move faster in The Fort, it feels as though time may be running out to right the path that Adam's resurgence has disrupted. With Mother Cyprian, Jacob "The Man in The Cave" Mortimer, and Alfie now together again, what will be uncovered? Written and Narrated By: Cole Weavers Sound...
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