Chapter 46: The Gospel of Shadow Pt.5
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The Reverend has been taken against his fill, and now finds himself at the center of a terrible, and shocking ritual - but what does will it invoke? It's spell has begun to be woven, and Reverend, Albit has also fallen through his own subconscious. Stare now, and stare forever. Stare until the darkness stares back at you - what will it see in the wayward Reverend? Written and Narrated By: Cole Weavers Sound Production and Editing By: Matt Black Theme Song By: Charlie PS Cover Art By: Vincent Wah Want to Explore More of The Fort Visit our Patreon! Looking for The Town Whispers Merch? Want to join in the discussion? You can join us on our discord at: Text Us @ +1(604)227-1738 to receive news, and special offers related to The Town Whispers, and all it has to offer. Marketed and Distributed By Callum Dougherty at Rusty Quill Network See for privacy and opt-out information.
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A storm is rumbling gently - still only a wrinkle in a cloud barely in sight, but the sky is darkening. There are rogue whispers on the loose, and what words they speak are words of regret and temptations. What the future holds - are histories yet to be written. Written and Narrated By: Cole...
Published 12/07/21
Published 12/07/21
Reverend Albit is recovering from his wounds, while Mother Cyprian, Alfie, and Jacob discuss the price of past deeds. Whatever the price may be - there are 2 individuals in The Fort who have paid more then their fair share.  While Reverend Albit is recovering, Edward turns his gaze to see where...
Published 11/30/21