Bitcoin All Time High Baby!
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We have waited, we have worked, we have taken heat from friends and family at times but today, today we saw new all time high's on Bitcoin and doesn't it feel great? ETH also had a good run, Solana kicked hard, DOGE was slow but moved, ADA was the same and hey ho, we are off See for privacy and opt-out information.
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The volatility has slowed right up today so far and it's been a slow grind for BTC, ADA, SOL, ETH, AVAX, BNB and pretty much everything. Cryptotraders are waiting to see what comes next and although there have been some trades that provided profits in ENJ and STORJ it has been the lower time...
Published 12/07/21
Published 12/07/21
What a weekend we had in crypto! Bitcoin was at one point down over 20% with DOT, XRP, AVAX, DOGE BNB and the lot having a very big fall. Cryptotraders will have watched the big bounce from the lows and the stunning rise of LUNA or TERRA in other circles. Ethereum held well also. Todays podcast...
Published 12/06/21