In Episode 23, Liz explains why you shouldn't give a prospective employer your current manager's contact info and answers the questions, "Should I stop asking candidates what they've been up to since their last job?" and "How do I explain why I left my last job?"    
Published 08/10/20
In Episode 23 Liz advises a job seeker who's just been asked to interview again for a job they didn't get five months ago; talks about going back to work during COVID-19; advises a manager who wants to hold an outdoor, mandatory team-building event with masks and social distancing; and tells listeners how to answer the interview question "What's your greatest strength?"
Published 08/05/20
In Episode 22, Liz talks about your relationship with your boss, how Employment at Will is bad for business and the interview question, "What's your greatest weakness?"
Published 07/30/20
In Episode 21, Liz answers the question "Should I tell my boss not to hire my toxic ex-coworker?" and explains how to answer the question "What do you do?" when you're in reinvention - and teaches listeners how to stand out in a job interview!
Published 07/22/20
In Episode Twenty, Liz explains why an interviewer might invite you to an interview but then accuse you of embellishing your resume; explains the difference between trust-based leadership and fear-based supervision; and talks about the mythology around employment vs. entrepreneurship.
Published 07/18/20
In Episode Nineteen, Liz talks about unemployment comp & what's wrong with cover letters & answers listener questions: - How much do bonus plan details matter in a job offer? - How can HR people support employees working from home? - How can HR people adapt to the workplace during & after COVID-19?      
Published 07/16/20
In Episode 18, Liz tells the truth about "authenticity" at work and makes the case against performance review; she also answers listeners' questions:   1) Should I 'overpraise' myself in my performance self-appraisal? 2) When is the right time to bring up the salary topic in a job interview? 3) How do I show off my physical work samples in a Zoom interview? 
Published 07/10/20
In Episode 17, Liz talks about pre-employment personality tests and why she's not a fan, and answers the question "What's the best kind of story to tell in my resume?" and the question, "If most people under-state their accomplishments, how do I avoid understating mine?"      
Published 07/07/20
In Episode Sixteen, Liz explains how to fix what's broken in the recruiting process and how to shift your mindset about recruiting or being recruited. She answers the question, "How do I keep an employee happy if they want to grow and I can't promote them?" 
Published 07/03/20
In Episode Fifteen, Liz talks about why your job doesn't define you (even if you love it), what to do when your passion is outside your work and more - and reads her story "Five Signs You're Successful - Whether You Know it or Not."    
Published 06/30/20
In Episode Fourteen, Liz demonstrates how to convey your work experience through storytelling, answers the question "Should I tell the CEO his recruiter is rude and unprofessional?" and shares advice & inspiration for your job and career!      
Published 06/26/20
In Episode Thirteen, Liz answers listeners' questions:   1) How do I follow up after a job interview? 2) My boss never trained me and now I'm making mistakes 3) Should I tell my coworkers how much I earn? 4) How do I use the "last bullet" on each section of my career history? 5) When HR is in conflict with another department 6) Can I negotiate tuition reimbursement in my job offer?
Published 06/24/20
In Episode 12, Liz explains how (and why!) to tell stories in your resume and on job interviews, and why many resumes fail.
Published 06/24/20
In Episode Eleven Liz talks about reinvention and career change in the COVID-19 era, teaches you how to get altitude on your path so far (and answer the question "What do I want?"), and explains how to answer the loathsome interview question, "Why should we hire YOU?"
Published 06/18/20
In Episode Ten Liz talks about the impact of the protests and COVID-19 on the workplace, how widespread work from home will change us, ten ways to grow your flame at work (WFH edition) and the question "What questions should I ask my hiring manager (a/k/a possible future boss) at a job interview?"
Published 06/04/20
In Episode Nine, Liz talks about protests in the US, the bursting of the long-term-employment bubble and going forward vs. going back - and answers listener questions:   1) What if the company recruiter won't return my calls? 2) Should I tell my boss I want her job? 3) I need tips for an out-of-town job search!
Published 06/03/20
In Episode Eight, Liz talks about Facebook's Fail and answers listener questions: Do I have to take a lower salary because I don't have industry experience? How do I cultivate an 'entrepreneurial mindset?' 
Published 05/27/20
The Truth About Work Podcast, Episode Seven: In Episode 7 Liz talks about the professional and personal a-Ha!s coming out of the COVID-19 crisis and answers listener questions: Should I take ‘manager’ off my resume when applying for non-management jobs? How do I build engagement when people are working from home?
Published 05/21/20
Liz discusses work during COVID-19, and beyond; and answers reader questions about how to help laid-off team members, and the difference between getting laid off and getting furloughed.
Published 05/11/20
In this episode, Liz answers the question "Is it rude to end a job interview early -- and how do I end it?"
Published 06/12/19
In Episode 4, we talk about how the workplace can be made more human - for employees, and employers!
Published 05/08/19
In episode three, we talk about - What job seekers need to know about working with recruiters; Should I tell employers I just started a job but I'm ready to quit?; Why good interviewers never ask the "weakness" question (and how to answer it!)
Published 05/02/19
In Episode Two Liz tackles “Should I take a supervisory job over my current coworkers?” and runs down her list of the WORST 8 HR practices!
Published 04/22/19
Here is Episode One of The Truth about Work Podcast with Liz Ryan. In this episode Liz talks about how to answer a common (and annoying) interview question and how to minimize the effects of “job-hopping” in your resume. Follow Liz and the Human Workplace movement on Twitter: @humanworkplace   humanworkplace.com
Published 04/17/19