Truth About Work Podcast Episode 16 - "How do I keep an employee happy if I can't promote them?"
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In Episode Sixteen, Liz explains how to fix what's broken in the recruiting process and how to shift your mindset about recruiting or being recruited. She answers the question, "How do I keep an employee happy if they want to grow and I can't promote them?" 
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In Episode 23, Liz explains why you shouldn't give a prospective employer your current manager's contact info and answers the questions, "Should I stop asking candidates what they've been up to since their last job?" and "How do I explain why I left my last job?"    
Published 08/10/20
In Episode 23 Liz advises a job seeker who's just been asked to interview again for a job they didn't get five months ago; talks about going back to work during COVID-19; advises a manager who wants to hold an outdoor, mandatory team-building event with masks and social distancing; and tells...
Published 08/05/20
In Episode 22, Liz talks about your relationship with your boss, how Employment at Will is bad for business and the interview question, "What's your greatest weakness?"
Published 07/30/20