73. How to Start a $45K/Month Window Cleaning Business - Gold Medalist's Guide
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What does it take to start a window cleaning business–and grow it to a revenue of $45,000 a month? Jeremiah Hickey of On the Spot Window Cleaning shares his advice in this interview. Jeremiah and his wife started On the Spot in 1998. He wanted to get out of a job with overwhelming hours and no advancement opportunity, and her business education gave her the knowledge they needed to start their own venture. On the Spot quickly grew into the top window cleaning service on the central coast, known for both the speed and quality of their service. They’ve proven their skill in international competition, winning the World Cup of Window Cleaning and multiple awards as the IWCA’s Fastest American Window Cleaner.  Of course, this level of excellence doesn’t happen overnight. In this episode, Jeremiah explains how they built On the Spot from scratch and established their reputation when they were first starting out. He’ll also share the mistakes they made along the way (and what they learned from making them) and the systems they have in place to ensure consistently high levels of service. If you want to know how to start a window cleaning business with sustainable growth potential, this interview will answer all of your questions. Resources: On the Spot Window Cleaning - Learn more about the On the Spot at their websiteOn the Spot on YouTube - Helpful how-to videos and other content on On the Spot’s YouTube channel26-Year-Old Starts a $96,000/Year Cleaning Business - Interview with Northwest Pro Wash founder Spencer ClaeysThe 7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint - Learn how to start a cleaning business step-by-step with Queen Bee Cleaning founder Chris MondragonThe Guerilla Marketing Handbook - How-to guide on developing effective marketing campaigns Connect with UpFlip On Facebook On Instagram @UpFlipOfficial on Twitter For more insights to start, build, or grow a business, check out the resources on UpFlip.com or head to the UpFlip YouTube channel to see more interviews with business owners and experts. Thanks for listening!
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