Robert interviews Matias Marquez who founded Buyatab in 2008. He has since received numerous awards and recognition for his entrepreneurial success, including: being named a BC Business Top 30 Under 30 recipient in 2016; winner of the 2016 EY Entrepreneur of The Year award; and being named to Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 for 2017. A digital gift card industry pioneer, Matias has been instrumental in driving Buyatab’s growth and customer-focused success. He is also an active advisor to early-stage...
Published 01/25/19
Braden Parker is co-founder of Casca Footwear, an innovative startup, developing all-day performance shoes for future builders. In the past year, Braden has moved from real-estate asset manager to co-founder of a bootstrapped venture looking to challenge the global footwear giants.
Published 01/15/19
Robert interviews Emilie Clarke the founder of Empowered AF
Published 07/17/18
Robert interviews Megan Williams the founder of The Self Publishing Agency
Published 06/29/18
Robert interviews Merideth Shutter the founder of PROtect Smart Personal Safety
Published 06/17/18
Robert interviews Ilya Brotzky the founder and CEO of VanHack
Published 06/09/18
Robert interviews Brad Rudover the founder of Country Club X
Published 06/06/18
Robert interviews Paul Romani the co-founder and director of Pear Tree Elementary
Published 05/26/18
Robert interviews Jen Ray the Director and Owner of Dancinema 
Published 05/21/18
Robert interviews Diana Pederson the Founder and CEO of Dragonfly MedTech,
Published 05/10/18
Robert interviews Fergus Parkinson from the Future of BlockChain by Glance Technologies
Published 04/28/18
Robert interviews Melanie Ewan a managing partner from the local startup advisory firm Volition
Published 04/16/18
Diane Currie Sam is the founder and CEO of "Be A Better Story" business services
Published 03/31/18
Robert interviews Bob Wang the founder and CEO of Legacy Advantage 
Published 03/17/18
JoAnne Marlow is an educator/trainer, public speaker, professional life coach and owner of Systems for Engaging Teams
Published 03/04/18
Robert interviews Bruce Sharpe from Singular Software 
Published 02/18/18
Robert interviews Gregg Peacock from Vanbex Ventures 
Published 02/06/18
Robert interviews Phil Craig founder of Start the Reaction
Published 01/27/18
Robert interviews Darian Kovacs from Jelly Marketing 
Published 01/15/18
Robert interviews Brandon Roe the founder of the WestEast Group
Published 12/12/17
Robert interviews Dean Sutton the CEO of BlockTech Ventures 
Published 11/27/17
Robert interviews Inthran Jeyaratnam the HR Manager at TDP an international workforce solutions company
Published 11/18/17
Robert interviews Terry Sidhu from Vancity Life Coach Inc. 
Published 11/07/17
Robert interviews Dr. Bijan Nasiri from the Entrepreneur Roadmap Podcast 
Published 10/28/17
Robert interviews Annee Ngo founder and President of ProtoHack
Published 10/18/17