What do your cuckolding fantasies say about you? - With special guest Dr. Justin Lehmiller
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Dr. Justin Lehmiller studied the sexual fantasies of thousands of Americans for his book "Tell Me What You Want" - The Science of Sexual Desire and How it Can Help You Improve Your Sex Life. And through that extensive research he learned a lot about cuckolding! He joins Venus on this special pre-Cuck Week episode and dives into the stats, the discoveries, and all of the what we've learned about cuckolding fantasies so far - it's totally fascinating! Links Cuck Week Events - https://www.venuscuckoldress.com/events Sex and Psychology blog and podcast: https://sexandpsychology.com Tell Me What You Want: https://www.amazon.com/Tell-Me-What-You-Want/dp/0738234966?ref_=ast_sto_dp Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/justinjlehmiller/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/JustinLehmiller About Dr. Lehmiller: Dr. Justin Lehmiller is a social psychologist and Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute. He runs the Sex and Psychology blog and podcast and is author of the popular book Tell Me What You Want: The Science of Sexual Desire and How It Can Help You Improve Your Sex Life. Dr. Lehmiller is an award-winning educator, having been honored three times with the Certificate of Teaching Excellence from Harvard University, where he taught for several years. He is also a prolific researcher who has published more than 50 academic works, including a textbook titled The Psychology of Human Sexuality that is used in college classrooms around the world. Dr. Lehmiller is a much sought-after voice in the media on sexuality research and education. He has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and CNN, and he has appeared on dozens of international radio, podcast, and television programs. Apps mentioned in the episode: X Confessions - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/xconfessions-the-couples-app/id1318649256 Own Your Sex - https://www.ownyoursex.app/  Support the showDestination Links for Venus - https://linktr.ee/venuscuckoldress
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