Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Google I/O 2022 📲 Stablecoins struggling to survive the crypto crash 📉 Apple discontinues the iPod 🎧
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Nilay Patel and David Pierce interview Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai after Google announcing a bunch of products at their I/O conference. 34:25 - Dan Seifert joins the show to discuss the hardware previewed at Google I/O 2022. 55:38 - Liz Lopatto explains "the crypto crash" in this week's Crypto Corner. 1:07:19 - Alex Cranz hops in to run through this week's gadget rumors, reviews, and announcements. Further reading: Google is making an Android-based Pixel tablet and plans to start selling it in 2023 Google finally announces the Pixel Watch The Pixel 6A includes Google’s Tensor chipset and costs $449 Here’s an early look at the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro coming this fall Google’s vision for Android 13 is to offer a little more of everything Google’s new Pixel Buds Pro come with noise cancellation and long battery life Google thinks the time is right to bring back Wallet Google Chrome is getting built-in virtual credit cards Apple will drop iPhone Lightning port in favor of USB-C in 2023, claims analyst Apple discontinues the iPod after 20 years Sony WH-1000XM5 review: new design, new sound, new price - The Verge Mark Zuckerberg’s Project Cambria demo shows off its full-color passthrough - The Verge Samsung’s next flagship foldable allegedly leaks Samsung and LG preview the future of weird phone displays DJI officially announces Mini 3 Pro Aura Strap 2 review: context — you love to see it Ford F-150 Lightning first drive: quiet storm Dish’s upcoming wireless plan might let you buy an iPhone with crypto Josh Hawley wants to punish Disney by taking copyright law back to 1909 and that sucks UiPath CEO Daniel Dines thinks automation can fight the great resignation Ploopy and the promise of an open-source trackball Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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