6 Ways Formula 1 Can Be Improved | Talking Points Ep.4
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If you had the controlling power over Formula One, what changes would you make to the rules? Would you limit the number of tracks? Male and Female drivers? Bring back V12's?!
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Tommo and Aldas discuss all about the Italian Grand Prix, and go through their heads to heads of the best performing drivers at each team.
Published 09/14/21
Today Tommo and Aldas are joined by Alex Jacques to talk all about the Belgian Grand Prix, including what it takes to be a commentator! *Opinions are those solely of the guests and do not necessarily reflect the views of Veloce Esports*
Published 09/01/21
We asked on Twitter what changes Formula 1 should make to improve the sport, Tommo and Aldas go through some of the responses!
Published 08/24/21