29- VolleyTalk w Audrius Knasas 🇱🇹
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“Live your life today as if you would want to live it a 1000 times over!” Today's guest is Audrius Knasas- beach volleyball player from Lithuania who is currently playing professional indoor volleyball in Austria! A literal “walking quote book”, Audrius dives deep into his personal headspace and shares many experiences that he has had in life through a philosophical lens. In this episode, Audrius talks about:- - How he first started beach volleyball in Lithuania but is currently playing pro indoor volleyball in Austria - What being “more than an athlete” means to him - How he began the process of “searching” and finding ways to cope mentally with the strenuous schedule - Why “alone time” is so necessary for him - How playing in Austria has been like for him (this one is really funny!) - What being an Olympian means to him - How he would still like to be in the sports scene in different ways even after he is retired - Why being a “self-learner” is his greatest strength - How anxiousness actually affects him in many ways, but how he has learned to have a “friendly relationship” with himself - How volleyball has taught him self-love on and off the court And as usual, much much more! Speaking with Aurdrius has opened my eyes and mind to a lot of things that I never gave much thought about before. I really hope that you enjoy it and that you’ve learned as much from him as I did! Follow Audrius on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/audriusknasas/ Follow The VolleyTalk Podcast: https://www.instagram.com/thevolleytalkpodcast__/ Check out “When Nietzsche Wept”: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/21031.When_Nietzsche_Wept
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