The Accountant vs The Goat - NRL Talk with Cameron Smith Part 2
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VPA Australia CEO, Sven Ray, grills Cameron Smith on some of the pertinent issues in the NRL at the monent. Key insights from Cameron include: - Size matters - will we ever see Brett Mullins or David Peachey again? Cam's thoughts on how the NRL is going to cope with bigger bodies? - Leader of Men - Cam explains how he deals with problem players
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Cameron Smith the Melbourne Storm captain has broken just about every NRL record humanly possible; most premiership goals in history, most wins, most games as captain and most points by a forward. He is also now the NRL games record holder. In 2017, Smith capped off his record-breaking season...
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During our chat with Sally we go deep into Nutrition, touching on some of the latest diet trends such as the keto and carnivore diet, we talk about food addictions and how to use nutrition to effectively loose and gain weight.
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