Lenovo Attacked My Investment - WAN Show August 19, 2022
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Get a $100 60-day credit on your new account at: http://linode.com/wan Save your time and sanity with New Relic at https://www.newrelic.com/wan Save money on your phone plan today at https://www.mintmobile.com/wanshow Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - Timestamps may be off due to change in sponsors) 0:00 Chapters. 1:08 Intro. 1:33 Topic #1: Lenovo sends Frameworks a cease & desist. 2:53 Legion logo compared to Mercedez-Benz. 4:10 Linus & Luke agree with Lenovo. 6:04 Topic #2: Apple restricts third-party tracking. 7:42 Ads sold on applications, hypocritical Apple. 10:50 Luke setting up an iPhone to check tracking. 11:10 LTTStore's RGB hoodie. 13:56 Lambo edition LTT bottle. Cont. Topic #2: Apple restricts third-patry tracking. 15:13 Reading Apple's "transparent" when setting up. 17:28 Topic #3: Discussing Metaverse's look. 19:16 Horizon Worlds, making avatar via Readyplayer. 25:26 Merch Messages #1. 26:32 Important lessons Linus teaches his kids. 29:38 Secret shopper for cell service provider. 30:54 Do writers have partial ownership of channels? 33:24 Favorite daily-driver phone. 37:18 How much damage Denis (& Colton) did to Linus's house. 44:22 Trust Me Bro Limited Lifetime Warranty. Cont. Merch Messages #1. 47:00 Trust me bro shirt was requested on Twitter. 47:51 Sponsors. 48:05 Squarespace site maker. 48:53 XSplit live streaming. 49:42 Secretlab gaming chair. 50:52 Topic #4: DOOM ran on tractor display. 53:12 Is there a more anti-consumer company? 58:46 How John Deere hurts everyone. 1:00:16 LTTLabs is not LTTLab, discussing domain. 1:04:02 Lab32, reason behind the number. 1:06:26 Merch Messages #2. 1:06:34 Camera bag for the backpack, domain Strawpoll. 1:07:58 What games would Linus & Luke install on the tractor. 1:09:44 Steam alternatives. 1:12:30 "All domains I own" segment. 1:15:28 Frameworks' used hardware market. 1:16:30 Project Farm screwdriver testing. 1:17:28 LTTStore Screwdriver pop-up. 1:19:38 Linus calls about backpack's availability in the pop-up. 1:21:54 LTX, Linus recommends against early booking. 1:22:54 Merch Messages #3. 1:23:02 More home server, automation & labs. 1:24:45 What Linus plans to leave behind for the new owners. 1:25:37 NCIX's impact on Linus & LTTStore. 1:29:10 Hiring experienced V.S. learners. 1:33:14 Topic #5: Tesla accused of false autopilot advertisement. 1:38:02 Merch Messages #4. 1:38:12 VPS company suggestion ft. Linus's birthday. 1:39:40 Valve Index features & suggestions. 1:40:28 What do Linus & Luke eat? 1:41:58 Coolest case Linus & Luke built in. 1:44:00 Take on Samsung's Z Fold 4. 1:44:30 Labs on repairability or jailbreaks. 1:45:25 Labs on mics, interface, XLR & TRS. 1:48:12 Linus on long time format. 1:49:47 Any cool projects for computer vision? 1:49:56 What business help Linus got. 1:50:29 Budget server rack. 1:50:54 Benefits of gaming to buy consoles. 1:52:18 Floatplane QOL features & motivation. 1:54:32 Why Colton is always fired. 1:56:08 Do LTT employees get discount on merch? 1:58:28 DOS gaming PCs build in the future. 1:58:42 LTT RGB merch idea. 1:58:58 Linux-like challenge with Apple. 1:59:38 Linus on Beat Saber technique. 2:00:06 Selling YouTube videos for revenues. 2:02:52 Recommendations for rack-mount gaming 2:03:22 Linus's Epson projector. 2:04:22 Outro.
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Published 01/23/23