USB Branding Changed Again... - WAN Show September 30, 2022
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Go to for 15% off MasterClass See NordPass Business in action now with a 3-month free trial here: and use code wanbusiness  at the checkout! It’s risk free with 30 day money-back guarantee! Get a $100 60-day credit on your new account at: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change 0:00 Chapters 1:17 Intro 1:43 Topic #1: USB branding change 2:14 Name change history, SuperSpeed is no more 5:00 Google links rant, USB4 guidelines 9:05 USB-IF CEO quote on USB speed, Linus's take 12:18 LTTStore SC sweatpants, merch update 13:40 Topic #2: Luke finally found shoes 14:12 "Schrödinger shoes", Luke shoes story 15:50 Unboxing the shoes 17:20 Topic #3: Stadia shuts down 18:56 Phil's meeting e-mail, refunding purchases 22:10 G Cloud lacked Stadia, discussing subscriptions 26:22 Linus & Luke on Outlook 28:08 Outlook V.S. Gmail, services Google killed 34:12 Discussing sales & developers 38:15 Developer on Stadia game port, Google's habit 41:18 LTT can get a Stadia developer kit 42:50 Sponsors 44:56 Topic #4: LMG "recalling" backpack carabiners 49:30 Showing future carabiner pull examples 55:55 Topic #5: ShortCircuit Oura Ring video removed 57:44 Reason behind removal 1:01:04 Recalling mispronounced product names 1:04:28 Developers on stage, recalling Blizzard 1:06:00 Topic #6: Lab name rebranding 1:09:14 Topic #7: DBrand's Killswitch reduces fan RPM 1:12:38 Magnetic stand replaced with a mechanical one 1:14:14 Topic #8: Luke's wild night out 1:16:34 How the budgie was found 1:19:26 People staring at Local Nutter Luke 1:21:50 Topic #9: AMD's Ryzen 7000 & Intel's 12th Gen 1:22:24 Pros and cons of next-gen chips 1:24:46 Discussing productivity 1:26:32 What LTT did not review, Intel's 13th Gen 1:28:02 Intel's power efficiency & affordability 1:30:28 Linus on "competition" between brands 1:31:58 Topic #10: CSF's video of Dennis V.S. Linus 1:36:46 Thoughts on the fight & scoring system 1:41:14 Luke's thoughts on the break & Dennis 1:45:22 Linus accepts rematch, what to change 1:54:50 Linus on LMG christmas party 1:58:02 Merch Messages 2:00:04 Linus's Cadpad parka from old WAN shows 2:02:50 Savant for home automation 2:04:32 Luke's favorite character from The Yard 2:05:12 Would USB become a new standard? 2:06:57 Backpack or screwdriver? LUKE IS LINUS'S SON! 2:08:24 Other cable thoughts for LTTStore 2:09:36 Recommendation for Oura ring alternatives 2:11:50 Would LMG acquire a content creator? 2:14:46 Why are iGPUs not benchmarked? 2:16:00 Innovating & projects as a company 2:18:14 High-end product impact on Linus's idea of value 2:23:13 Inflation's impact on LMG 2:25:04 What products & services Linus & Luke miss 2:28:22 Reflectors on backpack idea 2:29:38 Compressors on microphones when quiet 2:32:36 ServeTheHome's Patrick celebrates 100k subs 2:33:12 Mrwhosetheboss's Samsung battery video 2:34:00 YouTube on the retention for faster speed 2:36:38 Why did Luke pursue software engineer? 2:40:16 Linus sees LMG employees on FP 2:41:16 randomfrankp's video on Logitec Brio 500 2:44:22 Highest LTTStore product margin, T-Shirt extended sizes 2:46:12 Video of how LMG earns money 2:49:36 Discussing LMG's interest in developers 2:51:36 Outro
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