YouTube Backstabbed Me - WAN Show October 21, 2022
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Save money on your phone plan today at: Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Get a $100 60-day credit on your new account at: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change 0:00 Chapters 1:51 Intro 2:19 Linus has no swear button, Luke on painkillers 3:07 Topic #1 - YouTube raises Family Premium price 4:36 Discussing Premium costs on iOS platforms 6:22 Why is this allowed? 9:16 Manifest - Coincidental timing? FP subscriptions 16:12 Does Premium help content creators? 20:14 Watchable resolution, Vimeo, Premium watch time 22:11 Lack of concern with pushing users to ad-blocking 27:20 Linus on the Family Premium service ft bullying 32:12 Topic #2 - Intel's 13th Gen, Raptor Lake 33:10 Multithreading, FP polling 35:52 Linus on expenses of 3D models, Luke used Milkshape 3D 38:04 LTTStore restocked JerryRigKnife, deal of the week 38:19 LTTStore shoelaces for sale 40:05 Power consumption, +1kWh of draw is possible 41:34 LTT's video on using Ryzen & RTX on a 550 Watt PSU 43:08 Undervolting can save actual electrical costs now 45:57 Solar panels & Canada's hydroelectric power 47:30 Why Linus is now 2D 47:50 Advantages with Intel's 13th Gen 48:21 What is with the errors in LTT videos lately? 52:54 Topic #3 - LinusTechTips: EspaƱol edition 50:24 Sponsors 54:24 Cogwheel has audio tracks for languages 56:13 Showcasing LTT's Ryzen video in Spanish 57:20 Reactions from the community 1:02:00 LTT has a translation service in China 1:03:52 LTT Hindi could be possible 1:04:35 Topic #4 - Comcast shuts down G4 TV 1:04:57 Why was G4 TV nostalgic, casts, price budget 1:12:42 Outfits to hire those who worked in G4 TV 1:14:25 G4 TV e-mail, Linus & Luke on gaming content 1:27:45 EA shutting down servers for many games 1:33:11 Luke on sharing source code of dying games 1:36:00 Topic #5 - Ye buys Parler after social media bans 1:38:35 Ye's controversies, Elon plans to drop Twitter staff 1:40:48 Topic #6 - Google focuses on first party hardware 1:42:00 Effects of Google abandoning android partners 1:42:46 Luke on quality of Google hardware 1:44:13 Merch Messages #1 1:44:24 Ubisoft bringing ANNO 1800 to consoles 1:46:05 Plans for Linus's smart home ft Luke's hot take 1:50:17 Gaming memories to recreate with children 1:54:48 Testing IOPS on the $1M server, LTTStore blanks 1:57:50 Daily driving the new AirPods Pro 1:58:26 LTTStore cologne idea 2:04:38 Limited by not having a tech-related degree? 2:09:51 Outro
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Get an exclusive NordPass deal plus 1 additional month for FREE here: and use code LINUS Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:30 Intro 1:55 Topic #1 - DarkViperAU on reaction channels 2:06 Linus...
Published 01/30/23
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Published 01/23/23
Published 01/23/23