Gamer's GPUs Are Melting - WAN Show October 28, 2022
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Start using AnyDesk today at Check out the Corsair Voyager A1600 Laptop at Try Zoho One free for 30 days with no credit card required here Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:26 Intro 1:52 Topic #1 - RTX 4090's 12VHPWR adapters melting 2:50 Paraphrasing Igor's Labs' findings 5:08 Third party connectors, CableMod's instructions 7:34 Linus skips RTX 4000 for his PC, reasoning behind it 10:58 Topic #2 - AMD's Radeon RX 7000 series 11:14 AMD's "Radeon 7xxx" will not feature 12VHPWR 12:36 Linus on the word "left-angle" & adapter orientation 14:38 Luke discusses very old hardware with FP 15:36 LTT's video on increasing performance of AMD GPUs 17:12 Employees replace NVIDIA GPUs with AMD, couldn't tell a difference 18:49 AMD's history with drivers, Linus's experience with AMD 24:02 AMD's Radeon 7000 release, rolling for PCs idea 27:38 Topic #3 - Whether to purchase NCIX domain 28:51 Self-service PC building station 32:28 NCIX domain to expire soon™, LTTStoreNotCom 35:03 Retail V.S.industrial property in Vancouver 38:19 What to do with the domain? NCIX Labs & abbreviations 41:28 FP Poll - Does NCIX sound techie? ft. Turnip, odd suggestions 44:50 YouTube Super Chats still broken, Luke's grammatical mistakes 52:32 Sponsor - Corsair 53:46 Sponsor - Zoho One 54:31 Sponsor - AnyDesk 55:09 Merch Messages #1 55:23 Evolution of technology in classrooms 1:02:58 How are the adopted cats doing? 1:05:42 LTTStore new Blank T-Shirt merch 1:08:31 Explaining the prices of blank & printed t-shirts 1:10:56 LTTStore mystery men sweatpants 1:11:38 Topic #4 - Elon Musk acquires Twitter for $44B 1:13:39 Twitter developers locked out of the code base for auditing 1:15:28 Jack Dorsey's Bluesky, discussing trending on twitter 1:17:06 How much will Twitter change after the acquisition? Dogecoin spiking 1:21:54 Continuing to use Twitter, is the internet ready for ID tokens? 1:24:12 Upsides & downsides of toxicity on Twitter 1:28:10 Topic #5 - Adobe to replace Pantone colors with black 1:29:08 Pantone's subscription, possible workarounds 1:32:36 Creator's Warehouse story, trademarked Canadian Anthem phrase, inflation 1:37:25 Topic #6 - JASCO now works with home assistant via Z-Wave 1:42:34 Topic #7 - Arm to change its business model 1:44:36 Topic #8 - YouTube to separate Shorts & normal videos 1:46:07 Merch Messages #2 1:48:24 Would LMG become a game publisher? Linus on investing 1:55:56 Thoughts on Nebula, Floatplane & Curiosity Stream 2:01:19 How Luke deals with burnout 2:03:42 Would NVIDIA double-down or release a 12VHPWR V2? 2:07:36 Discussing loved or disliked finished games, shows or movies 2:16:32 Advice for studying better against procrastination 2:24:13 What exciting projects is labs working on? 2:26:17 Fun things to do in Vancouver, LTX Expo's distance to the ocean 2:27:52 Favorite sets made for LTT videos 2:29:48 What NCIX stood for in the past 2:31:36 Design & build process for logistics 2:39:47 Piece of media that inspired Luke 2:42:00 Double taking on a birth date in a resume 2:43:43 Any AAA studio would capture Tarkov's magic? 2:44:47 LTTStore CPU design puzzle from videos 2:45:26 What do you feel is getting worse in the tech industry? 2:46:54 To look into YouTube ads further 2:49:23 Outro
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