My Reaction Channel Is Getting Called Out - WAN Show January 27, 2023
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Get an exclusive NordPass deal plus 1 additional month for FREE here: and use code LINUS Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:30 Intro 1:55 Topic #1 - DarkViperAU on reaction channels 2:06 Linus confesses he only read the video's comments 3:08 Summarizing last WAN & Linus's impactful size 8:43 Linus on community backlash & perception 10:45 Collabs, pressuring, zoned ads & fair play 13:26 Matthew's points, Luke on "react" content 15:58 LTT's GPU tier list video, low-effort content 19:38 Discussing & defining reactions on YouTube 23:07 Matthew on transformative content 24:49 James's small creators showcase idea 25:42 Linus on LTT's reacts, Luke on reacting to mineral PCs 28:12 Is there value in providing good reacts content? 30:04 Ethical reactions, LTT's GTX Titan "benchmark" 33:03 LTT's unpaid intern's "C-clamps" 36:14 Original Sauce - CaseLabs returns from the dead 43:11 Would LMG consider making their own cases? 44:38 Linus apologizes for reading off the script in Arc video 46:52 Luke notices Linus reading on the video and laughs 48:24 Reason behind scripting the video 50:43 Discussing new AMD & Radeon challenge 50:48 Bricked BIOS, summarizing the challenge & adding Jake 52:32 Luke's GPU not fitting, forced into watercooling 55:10 Merch Messages #1 ft. Dan's Noctua hoodie 1:16:20 Topic #2 - Activation lock scraps MacBooks 1:16:56 Explaining encryption feature 1:17:54 Proposed solution 1:20:28 M2 MacBook Pro SSD slower than M1 models 1:24:29 MacBooks lock, Jonathan's reaction to Apple 1:27:46 Sponsor 1:31:52 Topic #3 - Microsoft's Power-Savings option triggers outrage 1:32:53 A terrible take & an adult man's tweet 1:33:49 FOX's "Woke brigade is after video games" 1:35:20 FOX's boomer guide on XBOX, Microsoft on savings 1:41:02 Confusion behind Microsoft's wording 1:44:42 Funny comment on fighting savings, why do people care? 1:45:48 Topic #4 - Linus's experience with Ludwig's bidet 1:47:16 Linus's bidet experience & "the upper hand" 1:49:52 Linus on fancy toilet & pricey stores 1:52:28 Luke thought of getting a bidet 1:54:46 Luke is alone, Merch Message #2 1:58:29 Topic #5 - CNET used AI tools for finance articles, corrects again 1:59:02 "Thoroughly edited," corrects half of it 2:00:44 Medium bans unclear AI-authored work, theft problem 2:03:17 Anti-AI idea for plagiarized scholar articles 2:05:15 Linus mentions "TikTok's enshittification" article 2:08:56 Pros & Cons on competing with BuzzFeed using AI? 2:11:39 Topic #6 - Cryptominers AMD GPUs cracks 2:11:56 Topic #7 - Samsung's 990 Pro SSDs failing 2:12:53 Topic #8 - Google drops support for OnHub 2:16:04 Recalling Google Clips camera 2:15:04 Can we trust Google products? Luke on "smart" bird feeders 2:18:54 Cole-Bar responded, Luke on Linus's face & updating passwords 2:22:28 Topic #9 - AMD "calls out" older AMD GPUs 2:24:28 Topic #10 - LTX 2023 update 2:24:42 Tickets to go live this Monday 2:27:35 Merch Messages #3 2:36:20 How many hours a week do Linus & Luke work? ft. history with Yvonne 2:50:39 LTT to react to The Verge's build video? 3:01:50 The next Nintendo console to be similar to Switch, or a fixed station? 3:11:28 Outro
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Published 03/20/23
Save money on your phone plan today at Try Notion AI for free at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:10 Intro 1:45 Topic #1 - America's Silicon Valley Bank...
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Published 03/13/23