Goodbye Discord!! - WAN Show March 26, 2021
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Sign up for Notion for free! Take control of your end-of-life upgrade strategy with Extended Lifecycle Support services from CloudLinux at Get the CORSAIR K65 RGB Mini  On CORSAIR: On Amazon (PAID LINK): On Newegg (PAID LINK): Check out Carpool Critics, our new movie podcast: Timestamps (Courtesy of BlackWings) 0:11 Intro - discord acquisition, intel tick tok, semi conducter shortage at crisis point,  acer was hit with a 50 million dollar ransom 0:55 WAN Show intro 1:22 show brought to you by notion, corsair, cloud linux 1:30 Microsoft in talks to buy discord 10 BILLION USD        5:00 Tangent into  Linus and luke playing "escape from tarkov"  24:39 Intel returning to tik tok production cycle, team blue to catch up ? 33:16 Sponsors (Corsair, Notion, CloudLinux) 36:00 GPU MSRP disaster :(            37:43 Linus talks about LMG buying GPUs at scalper prices and selling for MSRP for an upcoming video           40:13 new partner for Verified Actual Gamer Programme [EVGA]           42:10 Linus talks about in-person event in which they verify games for the programme           43:25 Poll on whether they should user scalper GPUs or EVGA ones           44:20 Games in VAGP           45:09 Result of poll           51:00 Luke talks about the since fixed error message in VAGP checkout system that happened last tuesday 54:38 LTX pins on lttstore and sticker pack 56:55 Intel tech trivia (major tech youtubers crossover event) 1:00:54 Superchats 1:02:27 A little more on VAGP 1:04:45 Conclusion 1:04:52 Outro
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