My Phone Number Leaked. Thanks Facebook. - WAN Show April 9, 2021
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Take control of your end-of-life upgrade strategy with Extended Lifecycle Support services from CloudLinux at Check out Seasonic's PRIME 850 W Titanium on Amazon at Get Private Internet Access VPN at Check out Carpool Critics, our new movie podcast: Timestamps (Courtany of Noah Love) 2:24 intro 2:41 Sponsors  3:00 Facebook Leak 12:40 Intel drops prices on new gen 16:20 Direct storage and "future proofing" 19:45 Intel Xeon Ice Lake still loses to AMD  26:15 LTT "copies" Austin Evans 29:30 LTT "copies" Jayz2cents on "Ghetto Neworking 32:30 Nerd Sports and Hockey Memories 35:40 LTT's not so legal beginnings 36:50 Sponsors! Linux Cloud, Seasonic and PIA 40:30 "The Thing!" Verified actual gamer program details (game against Linus) 43:55 LTTstore update  43:35 Google Pixel Watch renders "leaked" 47:10 Stadia and using different cloud services and gpu pricing 52:35 The watch is cancelled? Maybe? 52:55 LG is out of the phone business 58:55 Twitch monitors streamers off platform 1:08:50 Shoutout to floatplane 1:12:00 Shift in media reporting on streaming vs celebs 1:15:25 Superchats! 1:16:20 Right to repair with Louis Rossman!  1:17:00 Sorry New Zealand 1:17:35 "Luke is the best"  1:17:40 Linus's motorcycle 1:20:15 Linus making motorcycle noises 1:25:05 Nathan spends $20 to send "Steve" 1:26:45 Outro
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