Looks Like NVIDIA Lied.... - WAN Show Jun 18, 2021
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Check out the EPOS B20 Streaming Microphone at https://lmg.gg/B20LTT Try Pulseway for free and start remotely monitoring and managing your server or PC at https://geni.us/pulseway  Save 10% at Ridge Wallet with offer code WAN at https://www.ridge.com/WAN  Check out our other Podcasts: Carpool Critics Movie Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt-oJR5teQIjOAxCmIQvcgA Timestamps (Courtesy of Luke Carapezza) 0:00 Introducing Topics 1:45 - Roll Intro 2:13 - Sponsors 2:39 Oculus delivering ads straight to your brain in VR (Topic 1)     - 04:57 Logistics of boiling frogs || (8:11 - frog logistics incorrect, according to FP chat)     - 10:51 Quest 2 is an unbelievably good value (because they subsidize the cost with ads)     - 16:30 Facebook has now broken every one of the promises made during Oculus acquisition     - 17:05 Amazon Reviews & VR = niche product debate 21:05 Founder's Edition RTX 3070 TI (Topic 2)     - 22:10 Scalpers say the card was never available     - 24:10 What is NVidia playing at?     - 28:00 NVidia playing both sides     - 33:00 Only 11 cards accounted for so far     - 33:45 NVidia prioritizing mobile GPUs (because they make more money from them)     - 35:20 Synopsis of issue - NVidia "having their cake & eating it too" 39:20 Starlink Overheating (Topic 3)     - 41:55 Buying recreational property (and off-grid internet access)     - 45:05 Mobile device operating temperatures     - 48:20 Tesla revising cars—disabling features & the cost of maintenance 1:02:22 Sponsors     - 1:02:27 Epos     - 1:03:04 Pulseway     - 1:03:58 Ridgewallet 1:04:58 Windows 11 (Topic 4)     - 1:06:29 Daily driving linux     - 1:10:20 Floatplane News - Canada approves!     - 1:13:47 Bill C-10 1:15:55 NVidia moving Win 7/8 to EOL (Topic 5) 1:18:15 Tim Cook says sidelaoding is bad (Topic 5.5) 1:18:50 lttstore.com news!     - 1:19:55 Alpaca wool to the moon (Linus cuts a check for $250k)     - 1:24:10 Noctua: they don't f*** around (& the mentality of doing things right) 1:30:26 Superchats     - Model 3 structural changes - are all of them crash tested?     - "Linux is free if your time is worthless"     - Floatplane download limited to Australia (and Floatplane infrastructure in general)     - "You need a car person to do the car reveiws"     - "Tall sizes for shirts and hoodies when?"     - Large CPU pillows are a novelty, you should only buy them for that purpose.     - Back to tall clothing 1:40:20 Closing     - One more superchat (Luke tried to build a 3d body profile kinect tool 10 years ago) 1:41:25 Outro 1:42:39 LTTStore leak
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