Cheap GPUs are FINALLY Coming Back!! - WAN Show July 9, 2021
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Get 25% off Display Fusion with code WANSHOW at: Use code LTT for $50 off MAXNOMIC gaming chairs at until July 18, 2021 Buy a Seasonic Ultra Titanium PSU On Amazon: On NewEgg: Check out our other Podcasts: Carpool Critics Movie Podcast: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) [0:00] Chapters [01:41] Intro [02:15] Topic #1: Cryptocurrency crackdown in China leading to Graphics Card prices to drop.     02:37 Reasons behind the drop in prices.    08:24 Discussing local prices.    10:19 eBay prices on GPUs are dropping.    11:30 The energy factor affecting Cryptomining in China.    13:25 Cryptocurrencies dipping and Linus wanting to invest.    15:34 The effect of chips shortage on the GPU pricing and future releases. [19:40] Topic #2: Biden directing F.T.C. to make new regulations for Right-to-Repair.    19:40 Biden issuing an Executive order towards F.T.C. and its regulations.    21:00 Right to Repair already exists in automotive repairs.    23:00 How the executive order helps farmers.    26:12 Directive includes DoD and mobile phone contractors. [29:14] Sponsors.    29:22 DisplayFusion multi-monitor manager.    30:23 NeedForSeat gaming chairs.    31:50  Seasonic Power Supply (and more). [32:54] Topic #2.5: Nintendo Switch "Pro" Controversy.    32:54 Expectations V.S. Reality.    36:48 Linus's experience with the Switch.    39:14 Linus appreciates Nintendo's consistency.    40:12 Linus's games of choice on Switch. [43:20] Topic #3: Google Play Store is under fire.    44:05 Google's Response to the whole lawsuit.    46:35 Google anti-consumer policies on subscription-based streaming services.    51:23 Lawsuit requires Google to "allow" for the removal of pre-installed apps.    53:22 Thoughts on Google's response.    56:02  LTTstore has a discount. [57:24] Topic #3.5: China uses Facial Recognition to control gamers.    58:25 Spending money on lootboxes  IS gambling.    59:46 Parents should enforce the limits, NOT the government.    1:00:50 China's 996 working hours system. [1:03:06] Topic #4: Linus's new house challenges.    1:04:46 The house heating problem.    1:06:40 Whole house water-cooling.?    1:08:47 Discussing computers.    1:13:57 Home theater.    1:17:46 Linus's home plan ft MsPaint. [1:22:44] Not-So-Superchats. [1:32:15] Wrapping up. [1:32:24] Outro.
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