NVIDIA's CEO is FAKE - WAN Show August 13, 2021
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Sign up for Setapp and get a free 7-day trial at https://stpp.co/WANshow Check out our other Podcasts: Carpool Critics Movie Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt-o... Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - Note: Times may be off due to change of sponsors, sorry!) [0:00] Chapters. [1:15] Intro. [1:44] Topic #1: Jensen was fake ALL ALONG!     3:42 How the keynote was created.     4:21 Nvidia's response to an article.     10:13 Poll: Which Jensen was fake.     20:52 Shrek "deepfake".     24:52 Steve promoting LTTstore ft. Linus's rant. [26:28] Topic #2: Gigabyte's PSUs catching fire.     27:13 Newegg bundling dangerous PSU's.     30:13 How bundling directly help companies.     39:12 Gigabyte's response.     42:26 Half of Steve's PSUs failed.     44:08 Discussing Newegg reviews.     46:06 Most those in ETU cheaped out on the PSU. [47:24] Sponsors.     47:33 Build Redux PC Builder.     48:31 Ridge Wallet.     49:15 Honey eCommerce Coupons. [--] Topic #2 Cont.: Gigabyte's PSUs catching fire.     49:52 Discussing PSU selections on ETU.     52:42 Anthony defends his PSU choice. [53:16] Topic #3: Do not sue, for Amazon pays for damages. [57:31] LTTstore new merch. [59:00] Topic #4: Facebook shuts down researchers. [1:00:19] Topic #4.5: House bill against Apple and Google. [1:03:29] Topic #5: Asus's RTX3070-8G-NOCTUA.     1:04:18 Noctua dethroned by Phanteks fans.     1:05:45 Discussing Samsung's new phones. [1:07:35] Superchats. [1:21:27] Wrapping up. [1:22:09] Outro.
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Published 11/29/21
Published 11/29/21
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