Apple WON... but also Lost - WAN Show September 10, 2021
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Try JumpCloud for free at  Help your IT team take care of support, maintenance, and security for Enterprise Linux systems with TuxCare at  Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at [0:00] Chapters. [1:20] Intro. [2:10] Topic #1: Apple VS Epic suit is FINALLY over.     6:26 Tim Sweeney's reaction.     9:37 Epic's developer Apple account.     11:02 Effects on the developers and consumers. [17:26] Topic #2: ProtonMail is not really private.     23:10 Changes and securing your mail. [25:30] Sponsors.     25:34 Jumpcloud Cloud Active Directory.     28:21 TuxCare Open Source Linux Support.     29:21 Freshbooks Accounting. [30:36] Topic #3: The Matrix Resurrections Trailer.     34:05 Linus criticizes the movie, genre & its' MMO.     40:51 PS Showcase & Star Wars remake.     43:12 Grand Theft Auto 5 Enhanced Edition delayed. [44:31] Topic #4: Facebook smart glasses.     46:02 Pricing and specs.     49:19 Better POV videos.     51:27 Comparing to Google Glass. [53:28] Topic #5: Valorant anti-cheat & TPM 2.0. [1:04:47] TechIngredient's thermal paste. [1:05:36] LTTstore new merch. [1:07:35] Superchats. [1:19:06] Wrapping up. [1:19:51] Outro.
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